Upcoming Events

winter 2011 / 2012

The tour of Oman - a planned walk with the camels from Muscat to Salalah along the edges of the Empty Quarter, and a return to Muscat along the coast of Oman is planned for the coming winter 2011 /12


Latest News

21 January 2011

Finally the project has started to thoroughly update this web site which has been neglected for the past five years!


March 2010

Suleimah, our first Majaheem (= black Saudi) camel joins the herd. She is just one year old.


June 2009

The entire household of 7 camels, 3 dogs, 5 cats, 8 turtles and 2 humans moves from Dubai to Seeb in Oman; a location that is much more animal-friendly than the outskirts of Dubai.


15 April 2009

Najmah, the second daughter of Zubeidah has been born. Lilianne did Zubeidah's delivery herself.


16 February 2008

Shaheen, our first bull camel was born today. He is the son of Zahra and grandson of Zenobia. As with Ghazal, this was also a difficult birth, but having been well trianed before Lilianne was able to deliver the calf herself.


28 March 2007

Ghazal, the daughter of Sheba and granddaughter of Zubeidah has been born. The difficult delivery was ably performed by Dr. Ulli Werneri, assisted by Lilianne.



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