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Lilianne and her team have arrived safely in Dubai after completing an epic journey that led her to travel with her caravan, consisting of four camels, two dogs, and her support and logistics team through Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Lilianne Donders

Lilianne has been fascinated with the Middle East and its historic trade routes. That combined with her love for her camels led her to taking on this monumental challenge. More can be found about her and her passions at

photo by Adam Gault

'Caravan of Hope'

On her second journey, Lilianne Donders is planning to walk from Tehran to Oman and back to Dubai with her four camels in order to raise money and help build a Hospital for Palestinian refugees near the West Bank in Jordan.

On this expedition which is named 'Caravan of Hope' she is planning for a 6-7 months sponsored walk with her camels. The trip will start in August from Tehran. From there she will head to Bandar Abbas, where her camels then will be shipped Ras al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates and from there she will continue her trek to Muscat, Oman. She will then turn around retrace her steps to Dubai. This trip will be expected to finish in February 2004.

more about 'Caravan of Hope'

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