Lilianne has contributed to two clinics which are already functioning, one in Palmyra in Syria and a second in Khanebad in Afghanistan. She is also in the process of setting up a third clinic with the funds raised by her 'Caravan of Hope'.

The woman’s clinic in Palmyra, was made possible with the sponsorship money collected with the ‘Caravan for Cancer’ expedition. The clinic consists of two parts: a mobile clinic installed in a 4WD vehicle, donated by the European Union, and a building constructed with the funds raised by Lilianne. This clinic, run by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society, contains a mammograph machine, donated by the Dutch Cancer Society. Midwives, and sometimes a doctor, travel through the desert around the provincial capital of Palmyra, accompanied by nurses. They visit the Bedouin encampments. There they will undertake a health screening of the women in the camp, while also providing general hygiene advice. If there is any indications of illness, the head of the household will be asked to take his woman folk along to the city the next time that he goes to the market. There the lady in question can be examined and treated in much more professional surroundings. The photo on the left shows Lilianne opening the Palmyra clinic with the Minister of Red Crescent Affairs.

In Khanebad a maternity clinic has been rebuilt by the Swedish-Afghan society. The effort was supported by the …. charity. The clinic had previously been destroyed by the Taliban; only the four walls remained. A charity event was organized by Parnaz Rad Serecht and Lilianne in Tehran. A football game, and a gala dinner which took place in the residence of the Spanish ambassador, raised $25,000 which combined with other donations allowed the clinic to be rebuilt. It consists of a number of buildings and midwives quarters, all powered by solar panels. The clinic contains a delivery room and a small in-patient clinic.


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