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Lavasan, loading the truck

Lavasan, moving out

Lavasan, Lilianne on her way

Lavasan, route to go

Lavasan, crossing a river

Parcheen, up the hill

Parcheen, first camp

Parcheen, crossing the al Borz foothills

Parcheen, crossing the town

Parcheen, resting the feet

Parcheen, Farah resting the feet

Peshvaar, crossing a stream

Peshvaar, mountain scenery

Peshvaar, shadows

Peshvaar, tree on a rock

Peshvaar, resting in camp

Peshewaar, waiting for direction

Peshewaar, Sander scouting the terrain

Peshewaar, badlands to cross

al Ain, Taha at his kitchen

Peshewaar, Taha's kitchen

Varamin, goats at dawn

Varamin, Zahra watching the sunrise

Varamin, outside the khan

Varamin, inside the khan

Varamin, Iranian ladies

Varamin, two men on a tuktuk

Varamin, passing the camels

Varamin, sunset over the khan

Dasht e Kevir, camping on the edge of the desert


Dasht e Kevir, Qasr Behram

Dasht e Kevir, Robert and Taha on the mobile office

Dasht e Kevir, walking to the next khan

Dasht e Kevir, walking towards the Daryache Namak

Dasht e Kevir, tea with the game wardens

Dasht e Kevir, Zanzibar searching for some shade

Dasht e Kevir, end of the walk

Dasht e Kevir, khan in the distance

Dasht e Kevir, playing cards by night

Bafaraan, visit of the governor of Nain district

Bafaraan, Zenobia and Zahra

Bafaraan, Ghassan and Agha

Bafaraan, Iranian ladies watching

Bafaraan, truck ready to receive the camels

Bafaraan, Robert loading the camels on the truck

Bafaraan, Lilianne nursing a painful knee

Persian Gulf, truck on the boat

Persian Gulf, Ghassan and Taha on muster call

Persian Gulf, camels in the truck

Ras al Khaimah, Saqr port

Dubai, Lilianne, Jasper and Ghassan

al Ain, caravan reaching camp

al Ain, Lilianne, Jasper, Ghassan, Taha and guests at the Mansaf

Bafaraan, Ghassan and Taha making music

al Wagan, crossing the Omani border

Fanja, old man

Dubai, nearing the end destination

Dubai, farewell by the whole team

Dubai, Lilianne, Zenobia, Zubeida and Zahra

Lilianne photographing


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